Engine Stand Model - Hardware Kit

Engine Stand Model - Hardware Kit


This engine stand fits all of ericthepoolboy’s engine model kits.  This kit includes all of the hardware for this engine stand.  There are dimensions and patterns for a universal flange as well as for all ericthepoolboy’s models.  All framing and flange plates are aluminum.  Minimal gluing is required.  The engine stand can be disassembled by undoing a few screws.

This stand is compatible with all engine kits designed by ericthepoolboy and sold through Maker Rx.

You will need:

  • 3D Printer
Design files and Instructions:

    Why 3D Print Your Model Engine

    • Pick your own colors and customize your engine.

    • Upgrade your engine with the designs uploaded to the open 3D printing communities around the internet.

    • Learn 3D printing and become part of the global maker community.

    Why Buy A Hardware Kit

    • Make building easy with clearly labeled parts.

    • Save time searching for hard to find parts.

    • Save money and only buy the parts you need for the project.

    • Support the maker who designed and openly shared their work.

    How Hardware Kits Work

    Step 1: Download and 3D Print

    • Download the 3D printing files for free.

    • 3D print your custom engine parts using your own 3D printer.

    Step 2: Get your hardware kit

    • Get all remaining non-3D printed parts delivered to you.

    Step 3: Build something awesome

    • Use the Instructions to assemble your custom 3D printing project.

    Full 3D Printed Engine Kit Quote

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