Spider Silk Premium PLA - 1KG - 1.75mm

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Spider Silk PLA 3D printing filament is manufactured to exacting standards in the United States.  The result is a high-quality, dependable 3D printing filament that will not let you down!  Spider Silk 3D printing filament is trusted for its consistency and is the best choice when failure is not an option.

PLA stands for polylactic acid and is a plant-based 3D printing filament.  Spider Silk PLA 3D printing filament is resistant to warping and biodegradable and has quickly become a favorite filament for beginner and professional makers alike.

Why choose PLA?

  • Resistant to warping
  • Biodegradable and eco-friendly
  • No heated bed required

Printing Temp


Heated Bed Temp

30-60C° (Not Needed)

Filament Diameter


Filament Tolerance

± .02mm