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Creality 3D Printer - CR-200B

Creality 3D Printer - CR-200B

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The Creality CR-200B 3D Printer has an exquisite design AND is extremely cost effective. Designers at Creality combined superior quality, precision, and performance into a powerful, attractive, cube-shaped chamber. People with various skill levels will love working with the Creality CR-200B 3D Printer. 


Not only does this printer have awesome features, but it also has a really clever, refined design. Creality CR-200B 3D Printer’s innovative technology will help you bring your designs to life.  


Enjoy these features:

  • Completely enclosed transparent chamber — provides classical Creality color, a multi-style option, and a large print size all while meeting the needs of high-temperature filaments
  • Smart filament breakage sensor — forces the machine to pause when filament runs out or breaks, and automatically resumes after filament is replaced
  • Large, color, capacitive touch screen — contains new user interface and functions well despite effects of use
  • Wide voltage power supply — delivers stability while creating a safe, worker-friendly surroundings
  • Internal LED light — conveniently illuminates workspace 
  • New nozzle kit — features superior thermal conduction, durability, dependability, and smooth filament pushing; dual fan provides a great area to release a buildup of heat
  • Online printing and real-time remote control — makes printing convenient



Modeling Technology

FDM(Fused Deposition Modeling)


One Nozzle

Printing Size


Machine Size


Package Dimensions


Hotbed Temperature


Nozzle Temperature


Layer Thickness


Supported Filament


Printing Precision


Power Supply

Input 115-235V  Output 24V

Nozzle Diameter


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