Gyrotourbillon Hardware Kit

Gyrotourbillon Hardware Kit

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A 3D printing project like no other, this gyrotourbillon kit provides you with all of the non-3D printed pieces you need to create your own model of a Gyrotourbillon. The gyrotourbillon is a double-axis tourbillon that keeps an impressively accurate measure of time. The gyrotourbillon is offered in several of high end watches. This model allows you to see the inner workings of this exceptional timepiece.

This design was created by McMaven and made available to the maker community under creative commons. He spent weeks perfecting the design. The model is an accurate, scaled up version of the original 10mm mechanism. Each purchase supports McMaven’s future projects.

The kit includes:

  • All required screws and hardware
  • Custom machined shafts
  • Electric motor
  • Arduino
  • Ball bearings

You will need:

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