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Twin Turbo Furious Tourbillon - Hardware Kit

Twin Turbo Furious Tourbillon - Hardware Kit

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Fascinated by the inner workings of luxury timepieces?  This 3D printing project is for you!  Steve McGowan spent hours 3D modeling the Twin Turbo Furious watch mechanism. Now you can get a close up view of how the Twin Turbo Furious watch works with this 3D printing kit.

This design was created by Steve McGowan and made available to the maker community.  Every purchase supports Steve’s creative projects for the maker community.  The model you can create is an accurate scaled-up version of the watch mechanism, with a diameter over 200mm.

The kit includes:

  • Clearly labeled nuts and bolts
  • Custom made shafts
  • Arduino
  • Electronics
  • Stepper Motor

You will need:

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