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Creality 3D Printer - CR10S Pro V2

Creality 3D Printer - CR10S Pro V2

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The Creality CR10S Pro V2 3D Printer is a great 3D printer for makers ready to upgrade to the next level.  This 3D printer features ingenious manufacturing and is an excellent upgrade from the CR10S Pro.  Both the premium PTFE tube for smoother feeding and independently developed motherboard means more accurate and precise 3D printing.

The Creality CR10S Pro V2 is everything you could want from a 3D printer — reliable, stable, easy-t0-use, intelligent, and neat.  The HD touchscreen is a fabulous feature that offers as clear of a picture as a mobile phone!  If you are looking for your next 3D printer, look into the CR10S Pro V2!

Enjoy these features:

  • Imported blue, teflon feeding tube — allows smoother feeding
  • Material shortage detection — automatically suspends printing when materials run out and can resume printing when materials are replenished 
  • Stable power supply — features safe and secure power
  • Resume printing feature — can resume printing after a power outage or a time lapse
  • Diverse leveling — provides real-time automatic leveling and assisted leveling
  • Z-axis double-screw rods — enables excellent synchronization performance and smooth operating for printing precision


Modeling Technology

FDM(Fused Deposition Modeling)

Printing Size


Machine Size


Print Speed

< 180mm/s, normal 30-60mm/s

Print Material

PLA, ABS, TPU, wood, copper-containing materials, gradient


AC 100-240V 5.9A 50/60Hz


DC 24V 21A

Slice Thickness


Nozzle diameter

standard 0.4mm

Print Precision


File Format


Working Mode

Online or TF card Offline

Slicing Software


Machine Power


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